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This competition was first inaugurated in February 2007 and won by Lanark CC (Checkout the Standings).

It is competed for between the Upperward clubs in a knockout format in the second half of the curling season at Lanarkshire Ice Rink.

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As inscribed on Trophy:

” Presented To

The Upperward Of Lanarkshire

Curling Club


The Galloway Family



This solid silver trophy known as the Tenants Cup was originally presented by Sir Wyndham Anstruther in 1892 to one of his tenants, Mrs James Galloway of Bagmoors farm, Pettinain, who on his behalf, had reared the coursing dog that had won for him the premier race at the Carmichael Autumn Coursing Meeting.

Sir Wyndham Charles James Carmichael Anstruther, born in 1824 was the only son of his father’s first marriage. He was very well liked and respected for taking great interest in his Estates and the community.

He was elected Member of Parliament for South Lanarkshire from 1874 to 1886 and held the position of Hereditary Carver to the Royal Household in Scotland.

In local interests, he was Chairman of the Upperward District Committee of the County of Lanark, Governor of the Lanark Education Trust, Chairman of the School Boards of Carmichael and Pettinain and an Elder of Carmichael Church.

Of social pursuits, he was the Honorary President of the Clyde Angling Association, Vice President of Lanark Golf Club and President of the National Coursing Union, which was evidently his greatest passion, for his was recognised as one of the finest coursing dog studs and the Carmichael Spring and Autumn Coursing Meetings were reputedly the finest in the country.

Following  the death of Dr James Galloway, the last direct surviving member of his line, this Trophy was inherited by the Galloway family of Lochlyoch, Carmichael who have most generously donated it to the Upperward District of Lanarkshire. (The ’laird’ often curled with his tenants and workers on the Carmichael Pond).

In 2006 the then Secretary of the Upperward District Mr Alec Lamb, gladly accepted the Trophy noting that the trophy was originally donated in 1892 (the same year as the Upperward District was constituted) and that the Carmichael Curling Club was one of the founder Clubs of the Upperward District.