The FANACKAPAN Competition is normally played in the second half of the Season. It is based on Rink member promotion (usually the Glaister Rinks) with the Third moving to the Skip position and Skip moving to Lead. During recent years it was based on a League format, but latterly it changed to a straightforward ‘knockout’ competition.

Traditionally the winning Skip can only have their name engraved ONCE on the trophy. Thereafter if they win the competition in subsequent years it would normally be the next member of the winning rink who do NOT have their name already on the trophy. Hence when you checkout the Standings you will only ever see one entry for a Member.

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As inscribed on the trophy:

Presented To

Lanark Curling Club

By A S Reid Esq


For “Rumble Game”

AH – Reading through the Club’s minutes we came across the following information:

1939  ‘The Rumble Game’ was a new competition introduced to the Club by member A.S.Reid.  This competition to be know as the A S Reid Trophy.

 1946  First mention within the minutes recording ‘Rumble Game for the Fanackapan Cup presented by Mr A S Reid was played at Crossmyloof  Ice Rink on Thurs Dec 5 1946. Four rinks took part in each of the two sections..  The final took place after lunch resulting in a win for A S Reid by 10 shots to 8.’

Where the name Fanackapan came from is a mystery? Also at it’s inauguration Lanark CC was entirely male members. This may have some bearing on the name?

JH – And with some more browsing: 1 A ‘flashy’ event or in 2. A substitute (would make sense the Third is substituting the Skip position?)

1. gooja

In the web posting above, relating to the wedding between Charles and Camilla, the word fanackapan seems to be used as a synonym for extravaganza. Looks like a nonce usage to me most Google hits pertain to a surname, Fanackapan. Its not in the OED2.

As to the wedding itself time will reveal the detail but I must be peculiar in that I can’t get worked up about it. I’m genuinely glad they’re marrying but I don’t think this is going to be some public spectacle with a public holiday, fireworks and the whole fanackapan. It might be televised and it might not; it might be large but probably not; it will certainly be a crowd-puller on the day, in the location.


A browse of the above site reveals that Eve McLaughlin in her answers to questions regularly uses ‘Fanackapan’ as a substitute name. She is the well-known genealogical author, Eve McLaughlin, whose knowledge of the county and its families is unsurpassed.