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WCF – Outdoor Curling – A Taster in Switzerland

With the possibility of lack of ice on Lanark Loch, I thought this might put you into a nice winter slide-up to the Festive Season instead. And of course if you fancy having a go in Switzerland youself – why

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WCF – Position On Equipment Used For Domestic & Recreational Curling

  12/09/16 – WCF – In 2015, athletes and sport experts began to observe unusual reactions when curling stones were swept with particular types of curling brooms using previously unseen techniques. Over the subsequent months the WCF undertook a number

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Media – WCF – WorldCurling TV – Mens Worlds_16

05/04/16 – JH Also check the EVENT on the CALENDAR for the Playing Schedule and the latest Scores & Standings. 02/04/16 – JH For those who have time and a Smart TV, laptop etc – Mens World’s 2016 – on

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