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ABBREVIATIONS: INV – Invitation, ITC – Inter-Club, LCC – Lanark Curling Club, LIR – Lanarkshire Ice Rink, OTH – Other, PRB – Biggar District & Upper Ward Province, PRL – Lanarkshire Province, RCC – Royal Caledonian Curling Club, SHR – Shareholders, UWL – Upper Ward of Lanarkshire, WEB – Web Page, WIK – Wiki


Lanark Rocks – On-Line….. is a Responsive website, which means if you are using a small screen device such as a mobile phone or tablet etc, it resizes within your device’s browser for ease of viewing. However this may make navigating the Menu & Drop-down Tabs at the top of a Page difficult.

Instead of searching down through the Menu Tabs if you know the page you are specifically interested in you can can go immediately to it by clicking the QUICKLINK Tab on the HOME PAGE  or the first MENU Drop-down TAB (just as you have done to arrive here 🙂 ) then click any of the PAGE, LINKS or FILE links in the Table above to go to it: (clicking on the ^ arrows on any of the columns allows you to sort that column alphabetically) or use the SEARCH facility above.

Update – 20/10/17