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The CLUB usually has a competition weekend away in February each year. Over many years it has been at the NORTH WEST CASTLE – Stranraer, where the highest up LANARK rink is awarded the Heatlie Scuttle (The Scuttle was awarded to the Club by a former Member Wilson Heatlie. Previously we played for the The Silver Shovel – see below)

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2014/15 – Bill Jackson BJ, Brian Stephenson BS, Lauren Smith (Local Girl), Dorothy Jackson DJ



Require information on THE SILVER SHOVEL


Extracted off Lanark Rocks 12#1

The Heatlie Scuttle had generously been donated by Wilson Heatlie WH during the season 2006-7 to replace the former Silver Shovel which is competed for at Stranraer. However, the wooden plinth (on which the scuttle stood) split within its first year. A repair was carried out but this never really remedied the flaw so Bob Thomson BT indicated he knew somebody who could replace the plinth.
Wilson agreed to this and Bob then took up the task of having the Scuttle base replaced. The Heatlie Scuttle now boasts a new plinth which is grooved at the top therefore allowing the Scuttle to sit within the groove—Wilson thinks this “is a much better arrangement”.
On behalf of all members we wish to thank Wilson for his continued generosity as he funded all costs.
Information to members—the original Silver Shovel is retained within the Secretary‟s safe-keeping. It is wrapped up and housed within Lanark‟s archive box.