Cambusnethan Invitation – The Dinosaur Trophy

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For many years Lanark CC has held a friendly match against Cambusnethan CC, and Lanark CC was delighted to receive an invitation to celebrate Cambusnethan’s 225th anniversary (Dec 2014).
There was to be a fully day of curling and entertaining ie lunch: curling: dinner with speaker etc.
Cambusnethan had asked that the President’s of the 6 invited clubs to attend and our then President Anne Hood was excited about this prospect until she realised that Cambusnethan was a male-only club (they called themselves ‘dinosaurs’ within the invitation letter).
Picking up on the dinosaur theme, she was not phased by this as  a member of several Ladies Clubs but it gave her an idea – why don’t we continue our friendly annual match but now play for a trophy ie The Dinosaur Trophy.
As a consequence Anne had such a trophy made and it was duly presented to Cambusnethan CC on the day of their anniversary which they took in good humour – indeed, the trophy was instantly displayed on the trophy table.
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“Presented By The (Female) President of Lanark CC 2014

This is now played for at the annual invitation match which usually takes place in the latter part of the curling season.
Dinosaur – STANDINGS ……….being investigated
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