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INV – Invitation, ITC – Inter-Club, LCC – Lanark Curling Club, LIR – Lanarkshire Ice Rink, PRB – Biggar District & Upper Clydesdale Province, PRL – Lanarkshire Province, RCC – Royal Caledonian Curling Club, SHR – Shareholders, UWL – Upper Ward of Lanarkshire, WEB – Web Page


Like most organisations good planning is crucial for it’s success. As such a interactive Diary/Calendar is essential. The Club’s Event Calendar has been structured to meet this requirement, but like most aspects of this site we are open to improvements.

The CALENDAR accommodates the Current Month’s Calendar Events Listings (click on the image above) showing the up-and-coming  competitions & comments within the month along with other relevant activities and links (remember to expand upon an Event – ‘Click It’ and it will expand to provide more info). Also included are events that might be of interest to Members which are feasibly ‘fairly’ close-at-hand. If you think you have something we should possibly list on our CALENDAR then please CONTACT us.

The current listings are easily accessed off any PAGE by just clicking on the  CALENDAR  Tab on the upper right hand corner just below the VISIT COUNTER .


Events are catogrised by an abbreviation (as listed above), different colours  LANARK ]  and a small Icon (see the bottom section of the Calendar). If you wish to ‘filter’ specific categories, CLICK on the relevant one and the Calendar should show ONLY these events.


Instead of a the default MONTH view you can use the LIST tab on the bottom left hand side of the CALENDAR to list all of that month’s entries or if you select a Catagory – say PROVINCE it will select only PRL, PRB and UWL entries. These will be listed if you now select the LIST tab.


Following on from the LIST facility above, you may wish to print out your listing. Just select the PRINT tab. Your browser will now print your selection to hardcopy or other formats such as .pdf – depending upon the relevant application loaded within your computer or device.


For convenience you may wish to download the listing and put it on your computer’s DESKTOP/MOBILE for quick reference, or use the  I-CAL or RSS facilities (nested within the Category Section) to integrate to your own calendar/diary or Feed Reader, or keep it simple by using the LIST/PRINT to print it out (just make sure you have the latest, as the listings as indicated in the UPDATED date in the CATEGORY section at the bottom of the Calendar, are frequently changed).


Also checkout the POST-IT in which there maybe a POST-ing relating to a CALENDAR entry but normally if you CLICK on the EVENT within the CALENDAR this will show more information and guide you to the relevant LINK’s.

Again if you have any further queries please CONTACT us.

Latest Update  – 10/09/17