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OPENING (Donald Steele) TROPHY



The Opening Bonspiel as the name implies is the first game of the season to be played for by CLUB members with the Donald Steele Trophy being awarded to the highest up points Rink.


2014 Opening Bonspiel Winners – Anne (President), presents to Rink – Dot, Charlie & Donald (Skip)

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The Original Donald Steele Trophy

Extracted Off – Lanark Rocks12#1

‘The Donald Steele Trophy was presented to the Club in 1987 by Donald Steele (father of Tom and Charlie whom we know very well). Mr Steele him-self had been a keen curler and gave of his time generously to the Club by holding the President‟s post and the Secretary‟s post throughout his time as a member. He presented the Donald Steele Trophy to the Club in 1987 when he retired from being Secretary asking that the “Trophy be played for by members in the Opening Bonspiel of each season”.

To this day we still honour the wishes, and memory, of Donald Steele. However the original Trophy ran out of space for engraving winners‟ names at the end of season 2009-10 and therefore both Tom and Charlie were approached to see if they still wished the Trophy to be played for and, not only did they so wish, but they also donated a new Trophy to the Club.

It is a beautiful replacement for the original Trophy and the new Trophy retains their father name so mem-bers can still enjoy competing for the Donald Steele Trophy in the Opening Bonspiel.

Here is the new Donald Steele Trophy with the front of the Trophy stating:

“Lanark Curling Club—Donald Steele Trophy”

The reverse of the Trophy states:

“First presented in 1987. Re-presented by his sons in 2011”

The Secretary asked Tom if he desired the original Trophy to be returned to himself and Charlie or did he wish the Trophy to be retained within Lanark’s archive box. Tom asked that the Trophy be retained by the Club and the Secretary has duly wrapped up the original Trophy carefully and it is now kept within the Secretary’s safe keeping.

On behalf of all members we wish to thank both Tom and Charlie for their generosity.’