LCC – Opening Bonspiel_18 – Donald Just Makes It!

28/09/17 – JH  Well were off and sliding with the usual Opening Bonspiel. Numbers this year were sadly depleted due to other duties like the Clydesdale International Twining Association – CITA invasion of northern Germany (AK, AH, DN, FC). But hey the stalwarts soldiered  on with a total of 13 members playing.

And it turned out a game of two sides with Hugh (HC) and Ian (IR) on the loosing side with -9 and -8 respectively and Jack (JH) +8 and Donald (DM) +9 and effectively denying Jack the TROPHY by one point (even though Jack and his rink had won all their games – HERE  🙁 ).


OPENING BONSPIEL (Donald Steele Trophy) 2017 WINNERS – (IC) AS DM JF


Jack (;>J

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